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As firms tackle the challenge of managing dynamic, complex computing environments and distributed application architectures, software analytics are fast becoming an essential component of APM. Software analytics transform the vast amounts of raw data collected through application performance monitoring, application availability monitoring, and user experience testing tools into actionable insight for developers, IT operations teams, and business leaders.

Software analytics make it easier to:

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Using software analytics for insight into application performance, the user experience, and your digital business

Dynatrace’s website performance tools and other APM solutions collect and aggregate detailed metrics on application performance, user behavior, and the user experience. Software analytics make it possible to process and correlate those metrics and provide you with deep insight into your application’s architecture and behavior, real-time visibility into individual user journeys, and in-depth reporting on the performance of key business transactions and processes.

Dynatrace real user monitoring and user behavior analytics tools help you better understand your customers, their computing environments, and their needs, leveraging software analytics to show you where to focus your optimization efforts—such as the features your users access the most or the pages from which most users exit.

Dynatrace application performance management solutions use software analytics to proactively and accurately detect anomalies in performance or user satisfaction levels, alert you to trouble before your users are impacted, and supply your teams with the detailed data and answers they need to act fast and resolve critical issues

Our mobile app monitoring and mobile app analytics tools, for example, enable you to identify bugs, poorly designed components, and bottlenecks in your back-end infrastructure or third-party APIs—while showing you exactly where and why your apps crash.

Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Get actionable insights into your full application stack with AI-powered software analytics

With Dynatrace, your teams can leverage full-stack monitoring of your applications from front-end to back-end—through your infrastructure and across third-party services—for websites and web applications, mobile apps, and enterprise applications.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring supports the broadest range of technologies in the industry and automatically discovers and maps your entire application stack, detecting and monitoring all application dependencies from end to end. Our patented PurePath technology captures performance metrics for each and every transaction and across all tiers while our AI-powered software analytics enable intelligent application performance baselining, proactive anomaly detection, and real-time problem diagnosis—for lightning-fast issue resolution.

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