Digital performance management use cases

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Digital performance management use cases screenshot
Digital performance management use cases screenshot

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Optimize customer experience

Full insights into every customer journey for better business decisions.

Connect the dots between customer experience, application performance, and business outcomes. By monitoring each user journey and business transaction, business decisions can be made confidently based on intelligent analytics.

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Deliver high performance to your customers

Proactive application monitoring for fast problem resolution and maximum availability.

Dynatrace full stack monitoring provides deep operational insights into your application environment. All relevant metrics, from real user behavior to application performance—including infrastructure, containers, and cloud services—are tracked and visualized in real-time down to each individual transaction. Dynatrace digital performance monitoring offers the best TCO by leveraging artificial intelligence for automatic application-environment discovery and proactive problem resolution.

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Scaling DevOps to deliver better software faster

AI-based ‘quality gates’ for your cloud-native continuous delivery pipeline

Dynatrace empowers organizations to redefine monitoring as Cloud native enterprises mature from CI to CD to DevOps to NoOps. We help companies:

  • Master the velocity and complexity of operations
  • Shift-Left and find performance issues early allowing only "good builds" to reach production
  • Shift-Right into business teams and get developers engaged with production for fast improvements
  • AI-enabled monitoring helps dev, test, ops and business teams light up cloud-based apps

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Explore further use cases

Big data monitoring

Dynatrace for big data provides deep insight into customer experiences in web-scale application environments, down to individual lines of code and NoSQL transactions.

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Cloud infrastructure monitoring

Automatically correlate performance problems with system changes. Keep enterprise infrastructure up and running whether on AWS, Azure, CloudFoundry, Docker, OpenShift, hybrid solutions or bare metal.

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Cloud migration

Whether you’re migrating to a private, public, or hybrid cloud, Dynatrace provides you with the observability you need across all cloud and on-premises tiers to migrate with confidence.

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Cloud native monitoring

Leverage artificial intelligence to resolve issues faster in your highly dynamic environments. Receive in-depth information on where and why your cloud native applications break.

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Enterprise cloud monitoring

Monitor millions of dependencies in your hybrid enterprise cloud environment and automate your enterprise cloud operations to release better software on scale.

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Digital transformation

Digital and application performance management for business, operations and development help you build your foundation for digital transformation, have happier customers, and increase revenue.

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Application performance monitoring for industries

E-commerce & retail

Digital consumers are driving a major transformation across all industry markets. This is especially true in retail and e-commerce, where digital experience enhances the customer experience, which in return influences your bottom line.

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Financial services

Improving customer experience is a top initiative for financial services. Financial organizations that enhance the customer relationship by delivering digital services that are easy and responsive will find themselves ahead of the competition.

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Digital is transforming government at all levels. As agencies look to modernize their IT environments, the end user has become a key focus in digital government success.

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The emphasis on healthcare reform and regulations is changing the core culture of healthcare. Applications used in healthcare are a large part of this change, making performance critical as almost every aspect of medical care is increasingly relying on applications.

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Manufacturing companies need a detailed understanding of performance as downtime can have tremendous impact on customer satisfaction and revenue. To manage this complexity, manufacturing companies should look for greater observability and granularity into their transaction business processes - for every user, every app, everywhere.

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For telecommunication companies, downtime can be detrimental to the business. As internet and mobile usage increases, telecommunication companies look to keep up with the demand for speed and availability. Digital experience enhances the customer experience.

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US Government

Whether your agency is moving an application or an entire datacenter to public, private or hybrid cloud, Dynatrace has you covered. Dynatrace provides a complete picture of your entire cloud infrastructure. All your nodes, transactions and users on one pane of glass.

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