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Dynatrace and all its benefits explained quickly

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The health of your entire IT environment at a glance

View all possibilities of Dynatrace

The initial Dynatrace dashboard for a quick overview of your IT environment

The intelligent smartscape view shows any layers of your environment

See all topological dependencies

Go to smartscape view for detailed insights into your environment layers

Analyze performance metrics of your applications

More information about performance metrics

Dynatrace shows app performance and analyses all the data

Dip into your users’ behavior

Understand user behavior analytics

Deep insights into user behavior and customer experience

View all relevant service issues

Service problems and any problematic issues summed up

Optimize your application performance

Response time analysis of database statements

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Receive a breakdown of service execution time

Analyzing Execution-Time Data

Receive suggestions for optimization with response time analysis

Find problems in your environment within minutes

Finding problems with AI

Problem overview in Dynatrace

Dynatrace also calculates the impact on your business

See how business impact analysis is done

The details of an user action duration problem

Fix your problems by taking a look at the visual resolution path

Root cause analysis

The visual resolution path of Dynatrace

Get all relevant information in real time

Anomaly detection

Analyzing the response time of an app in real time

Detailed information about every user session

Real user monitoring

Analyzing the response time of an app in real time

Network monitoring and log analytics

See how network monitoring works

Analyzing the response time of an app in real time

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