APM for manufacturing

Manufacturing companies need a detailed understanding of performance as downtime can have tremendous impact on customer satisfaction and your bottom line. To manage this complexity, manufacturing companies need greater observability and granularity into their transaction business processes - for every user, every app, everywhere.

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APM for manufacturing screenshot
APM for manufacturing screenshot

Understand your customers

Digital experience and customer experience is crucial for omni-channel consistency. Dynatrace recognizes the challenges of the multi-channel customer experience and provides monitoring with a user centric approach for modern web and mobile applications.

Get a complete overview of your customer satisfaction and business outcomes per channel.

Resolve customer experience issues proactively

Dynatrace monitors all the components underpinning the user journey for a complete view of the customer experience.

  • Full visibility of customer experience across every digital transaction
  • Insight into business impact of performance issues
  • Gapless insight - mapping the entire user journey, not just bits and pieces

Improve customer experience with actionable insights from segmentation and user-behavior analytics.

IoT enables new level of monitoring

Dynatrace IoT monitoring for consumer electronics, automotive, industry 4.0 and more

  • Understand user behavior of smart consumer electronics devices and the impact of firmware updates
  • Monitor fleet management ecosystems from single electric control units (ECU) and smart cockpits, to mobile apps and cloud applications
  • Analyze performance of connected manufacturing operations from programmable logic controller (PLC) to entire industry 4.0 platforms

Monitor industrial panels as well as Industry 4.0 solutions end-to-end.

Analyze application performance throughout your application’s full stack—down to each individual transaction—across all layers and technologies.

Dynatrace is the only vendor that extracts data from the backend for real-business intelligence

  • Full stack monitoring from the front end to the back end
  • Support multiple generations of application technology that co-exits and works together
  • Complete observability across all tiers

Automatic root-cause analysis is a unique Dynatrace capability that’s changing the lives of operations teams.

Get to the root cause in seconds

Dynatrace is the best in class for finding and resolving problems fast, all the way down to the code level.

  • Dynatrace learns how your application environment performs and proactively detects anomalies
  • No more war rooms, artificial intelligence technology tells you where and why applications break down
  • With trillions of events analyzed each day, Dynatrace can pinpoint down to individual lines of code

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