Deployment models


Dynatrace SaaS – Start monitoring in under five minutes!

Just install the Dynatrace agent on your physical or virtual hosts or configure Dynatrace to monitor your web site or cloud infrastructure.

Dynatrace Managed – SaaS convenience in your own data center

Managed is ideal if your organization’s policies prohibit cloud-based solutions. You can enjoy the conveniences of a managed solution while storing your data on your own infrastructure.

  SaaS Managed/On-premises
Digital Performance Management
Latest enterprise-technology support
Early access to new features
Deployment Cloud. No infrastructure required. Self-contained Dynatrace nodes on your own infrastructure.
Data storage Dynatrace cloud data storage On-premises data storage. Your organization ensures security and scalability.
Operations and updates managed by Dynatrace Mission Control
Support Standard support included, premium support available. Standard support included, premium support available.
Pricing and licensing Pay-as-you-go, on-demand pricing Contact us for enterprise pricing!
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