Application topology discovery and application mapping

Automatically discover components and dependencies of your entire technology stack in real-time using AI.

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Application topology discovery and application mapping screenshot
Application topology discovery and application mapping screenshot

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What is application topology discovery?

Application topology discovery is the ability to discover all components and dependencies of your entire technology stack, end-to-end. Application mapping is the process of mapping out these elements across your entire IT environment, through a visual graph, and then looking at how these applications are interconnected and dependent on each other. AI can be used to automate these actions.

Auto-discover your full technology stack in minutes

Dynatrace auto-discovers all the components and dependencies of your entire technology stack end-to-end. All you need to do is install a single agent.

  • Dynatrace OneAgent discovers all the components and dependencies in your environment, end-to-end.
  • Using this information, your entire application topology is visualized through an interactive map we call Smartscape.
  • Smartscape automatically builds visualizations with no need for manual configuration, additional instrumentation, or scripts.

Smartscape technology shows your all your application’s dependencies.

Dynatrace auto-detects and monitors the broadest range of technologies in the industry

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Dynatrace automatically learns how your application works

As it discovers your IT architecture topology, Dynatrace automatically learns your environment’s normal performance. You don’t need to verify baseline thresholds for metrics like response time and CPU health or adjust static alerting thresholds—it’s all handled for you automatically.

  • Dynatrace self-learning capabilities automatically identify performance anomalies.
  • Our AI engine, Davis, determines whether a problem affects your customers.
  • Big data analytics automatically perform root-cause analysis to pinpoint the reasons behind performance problems.

Select a service to view its underlying processes, hosts, data centers, and more.

Get actionable insights into highly dynamic environments

The complexity and speed of change in today’s fluid and highly dynamic environments are simply beyond human capability to manage. With Dynatrace, you see how everything works together. Click any component to drill down into its performance details.

  • Dynatrace automatically and continuously recognizes changes to your IT environment on the fly.
  • Always have an up-to-date, real-time dynamic blueprint of your application architecture.
  • Have all information about complex and dynamic IT environments at your fingertips—with no manual assembly or correlation of data.

Simply click on any component to get all relevant performance metrics.

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