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Automatic dependency detection

Learn how everything in your stack interacts with each other - in minutes!

Automatically discover millions of dependencies in real time

  • Full-stack gap-free dependency detection

    To understand 100% of the inter-dependencies between processes and services across multiple hosts, you need to monitor network traffic and communications. Other APM can’t do that.
  • Stay on top of dynamic cloud dependencies

    Today's cloud topologies have literally millions of dependencies changing on the fly. It's more than humans can handle by themselves. Only AI-powered full-stack, real-time auto-detection can keep up.
  • Microservices and containers made easy

    Other APM gets overwhelmed by the speed, scale, and complexity of containers. But that's where we really shine. The more complex the topology, the more you need Dynatrace auto-discovery.

Know how everything is connected, understand everything in context

Other APM tools can't even locate all the dependencies in your application stack, much less tell you how they work together collectively.

Only Dynatrace understands both the syntax (structure) and semantics (functional role) of your application components.

As the OneAgent starts collecting data from the various components running in your environment, Dynatrace simultaneously figures out how components communicate with one another.

  • Dependencies between different layers of your application stack
  • Which services your application calls
  • Which processes on which hosts those services run in

See (literally) all dependencies in dynamic infographic

Get a roadmap of all inter-relationships and dependencies that's always accurate, always up to date. Our unique Smartscape technology takes the application topology and discovery information and builds an intuitive, interactive visualization.

  • Up-to-the-second accuracy, because it's built from actual, up-to-the-second data.
  • Infographic updates on the fly as your environment changes—an absolute "must" for today's hyper-dynamic environments
  • Drill down onto any component for deep-dive code-level details

Monitoring takes a giant leap forward

Fully automated, 100% dependency detection in real time is an absolute game-changer. Being able to understand how components work together collectively—and therefore monitor performance holistically—enables "situational awareness" that allows us to move from correlation to causation. In other words, true root cause analysis.

  • Monitor the relationship between components, not just the components individually
  • Monitor short-lived, ephemeral components like microservices and containers that may go unnoticed with other APM
  • Logically understand the semantics of cascading problems—the domino effect—and pinpoint root cause in one single actionable notification, vs. triggering a series of alerts

Why can Dynatrace discover dependencies so much better than other APM?

Dynatrace OneAgent auto-injects everywhere throughout your entire ecosystem— the full stack, 100%, every tier, even containers and microservices. There aren't any gaps or blind spots. We don't "lose" transactions over the network like other APM does. It's this ability to go everywhere and see everything that enables Dynatrace to "connect the dots" in even the most highly dynamic, fast-moving environments.

Dynatrace PurePath technology captures 100% of all transactions— we track and capture every swipe, every click, across every tier, for every transaction, every user, 24x7x365. That means we have data on connections and inter-relationships that could easily slip through the cracks when using sampled or averaged data.

And this comprehensive data repository on how everything works together lets Dynatrace have the most preeminent knowledge base in the industry. Simply put, we have deeper and more thorough insight into how applications work than anyone else.

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