OpenStack monitoring

AI powered, full stack, automated

Get real-time insights into resource utilization, OpenStack services, service availability and log files in one single dashboard.

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Set up in less than 5 minutes

Set up in less than 5 minutes

Optimize resource and capacity management

Optimize resource and capacity management

See the full picture of your OpenStack environment

See the full picture of your OpenStack cloud

Directly access log files pointing to the root cause of performance issues

Directly access interesting log files

See the full picture of your OpenStack environment in real-time

Too many tools? Lost in complexity? What you need is a single dashboard giving insights into your OpenStack cloud and everything running on it.

  • Automatic identification of over- and undersized workloads and assistance in locating resource bottlenecks
  • A real-time view of all your OpenStack components and the connections between them
  • Environment dynamics such as how many VMs are running or have been launched
  • AI-driven root cause analysis
  • Auto-discovery of your OpenStack cloud and the entire technology stack in under 5 minutes
  • Automatic correlation of real user and business metrics to OpenStack control pane events
  • Seamless integration with the entire application environment
  • Immediate access to log files pointing to the root cause of system health issues

See the Dynatrace difference

The most comprehensive set of performance monitoring capabilities for your OpenStack cloud

Auto discovery of the full technology stack

Auto discovery of the full technology stack

  • Works out-of-the-box
  • Zero configuration
  • AI power connects the dots in even the most highly dynamic, fast-moving environments
  • The entire application topology visualized in an interactive infographic
  • Drill down onto any component for deep-dive code-level details

Full, real-time picture of your OpenStack environment

Real-time picture of your OpenStack cloud

  • OpenStack services
  • OpenStack compute nodes
  • VMs running
  • VMs launched
  • Cinder volumes
  • Neutron subnets

Resource management optimization

Resource management optimization

  • Identify over- and undersized workloads
  • Locate resource bottlenecks
  • Easily optimize the sizes of your instances

Direct access to log files pointing to the root cause of performance issues

Built-in log analytics in monitoring context

  • Get full access without copying or exporting log content to any external storage
  • Filter log messages on keywords or time range
  • Analyze single or multiple log files at once

Learn more about Dynatrace OpenStack monitoring capabilities

Free eBook: The Enterprise Guide to OpenStack Monitoring

OpenStack's explosive growth in popularity within the enterprise has enabled large, interoperable application architectures and, with this, a need for full stack monitoring of the OpenStack cloud.

In this book, we explore:

  • the state of OpenStack, as well as its key components
  • the main options when it comes to monitoring OpenStack
  • Dynatrace’s full stack monitoring process

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Meet Dynatrace, OpenStack monitoring for everyone

No, seriously. You can start monitoring your OpenStack cloud with Dynatrace without any deep knowledge about your system. AAA monitoring has you covered:

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Dirk Wallerstorfer gives a booth demo of Dynatrace OpenStack Monitoring at OpenStack Summit in Barcelona.

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“To help customers get the most out of Red Hat’s OpenStack offerings and our open hybrid cloud solutions, we work closely with technology companies like Dynatrace that provide powerful and complementary solutions. We look forward to continued collaboration with Dynatrace as an important member of Red Hat’s OpenStack ecosystem.”

Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager – OpenStack, Red Hat

We develop Dynatrace hand-in-hand with our biggest customers



"It was the teamwork between the development team, operations, and the vendor, something difficult to do without Dynatrace in place."

  • Edson Bagio, System Admin, Whirlpool

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“I’ve used the competition... it can’t do what Dynatrace can do.”

  • Shane Shelton, Senior Director of App Performance, McGraw-Hill Education

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What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is an open-source software platform used to develop private- and public-cloud environments. It consists of multiple interdependent microservices. OpenStack provides a production-ready IaaS layer for your applications and virtual machines. Dynatrace provides unprecedented insights into your OpenStack environment's cloud plane, so you always know what's going on under the hood.

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