Oracle Cloud monitoring

Oracle Cloud performance monitoring and optimization

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Oracle Cloud monitoring screenshot
Oracle Cloud monitoring screenshot

See clearly into your Oracle Cloud environment

Get full visibility into your Oracle Cloud environment. Dynatrace Smartscape provides a live snapshot of your entire environment topology. It keeps you up-to-date during migration to and from the Oracle Cloud.

Smartscape shows service interdependencies

Seamlessly monitor the full-stack

Achieve web-scale performance by combining your Oracle Cloud apps with Dynatrace real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, server monitoring and app performance monitoring.

Automatically discovered datacenters with geo location data.

Resolve problems before they impact your customers

Identify performance issues before your customers are affected by them. Powered by AI, Dynatrace prioritizes problems based on their impact on your customers. An interactive infographic tells you where the problem is and where you can start to solve it.

Automatic root-cause analysis is a unique Dynatrace capability that’s changing the lives of operations teams.

Purpose-built for hybrid modern cloud

Dynatrace is purpose-built for cloud ecosystems. Get a single view across your entire ecosystem – whether it’s Oracle Cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud.

Cost control

Get detailed insights into actual resource consumption for cost control.

Full insights

Continuously auto-detect the dependencies of your cloud application end-to-end.

Faster problem resolution

Automatically detect root causes and anomalies before they affect
your customers.

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