Observability solution for SAP Commerce Cloud

Dynatrace automatic, AI-powered, full-stack monitoring for your SAP Commerce Cloud environment.

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The only built-in monitoring solution for SAP Commerce Cloud

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Observability solution for SAP Commerce Cloud screenshot
Observability solution for SAP Commerce Cloud screenshot

Optimize commerce environments with software intelligence

SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly Hybris) selected Dynatrace as THE platform for observability, monitoring, and performance management.  This means that new and existing SAP Commerce Cloud customers have immediate access to Dynatrace full stack monitoring capabilities, including:

  • Dependency

Automatic dependency detection
and mapping of SAP Commerce Cloud environment

  • Monitoring

Auto-discovery and monitoring
of all transactions, services, and infrastructure with gap-free, code-level insights

  • Root Cause

Immediate problem identification
and root cause powered by deterministic AI

Intelligence needs to be fueled with intelligence

That’s why SAP selected Dynatrace’s modern UI and AIOps capabilities to power SAP Commerce Cloud customers with data + insights for unprecedented observability in webscale environments.

Visualize entire SAP Commerce Cloud environment

  • Dynatrace automatically discovers all components and dependencies in Commerce Cloud environment
  • Real-time roadmap of entire application stack, from web browsers, down to containers, infrastructure and cloud
  • No manual configuration, continuous auto discovery of changing environment

Dynatrace smartscape

Go faster & scale with AI driven root cause

  • Single problem alert with root cause of the problem within Commerce Cloud environment
  • See degradation issues to go faster and scale business
  • Eliminate manual interpretation of data and maximize uptime

Multiple Service Problems

Travis Perkins PLC

The only way to describe our impressions of Dynatrace is ‘eye-opening’. It was the first opportunity we’d ever had to really understand what our applications were doing.”
Abdul Al Tayib, E-Commerce Operations Team Leader at Travis Perkins PLC

Business impact metrics against KPIs

  • Automatically monitor Commerce Cloud environment based on key performance indicators (conversion rates, bounce rates, etc.)
  • Detailed analysis of abandoned revenue
  • Insight into performance issues for non-conversion

Abbonded Revenue Analysis dashboard

Tame omnichannel complexity

  • Commerce Cloud customers can leverage Dynatrace’s real user monitoring to see applications the way your customers do
  • Real-time visibility of customer experience across every digital transaction, from frontend to backend
  • Proactive insights into performance issues and potential business impact

See how the visual load time of your website influences business outcomes like revenue, bounce rates and conversions.

See what makes Dynatrace unique

  • AIOps


Zero-touch configuration, continuous discovery and relationship mapping in real-time, instant answers and precise causation.

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  • AIOps

Full Stack

Understand all the relationships and interdependencies, top to bottom, from end-user experience to infrastructure health.

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  • AI at the core

AI at the core

Radically different open AI-engine, Davis, processes billions of dependencies for instantly precise answers beyond human capabilities.

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  • Web-scale


Scale-out cloud native architecture, role-based governance for large global teams, and automatic enterprise-wide deployment.

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Unique scalability and deplyment capabilities


With a common big data architecture and enterprise-proven cloud technologies, Dynatrace is engineered to easily scale to 100,000+ hosts.

Enterprise grade

Enterprise grade
With unique role-based access, and advanced security functionality, Dynatrace is purpose-built for enterprise wide adoption.

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment
The simplicity of SaaS, or the flexibility of managed on-premise, means you control your data while we take care of running the platform.

Dynatrace + SAP Commerce Cloud Resources

The new Dynatrace observability solution for Commerce Cloud

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Dynatrace supports move to autonomous cloud operations for SAP CX

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