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Capacity management and performance monitoring for Windows Server made easy.

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Dynatrace supports OneAgent installation on Windows and offers a Windows installer for single-server installation as well as an MSI package for Group Policy deployments.

  • Dynatrace shows you your servers’ CPU, memory, and network health metrics all the way down to the process level.
  • Manual configuration of your monitoring setup is no longer necessary.
  • Auto-detection starts monitoring new virtual machines as they are deployed.
  • Dynatrace is the only solution that shows you process-specific network metrics.

Gain better visibility into your infrastructure with Windows service

Imagine an environment where the Windows hosts are mostly workstations. There can be thousands of services depending on which technology you use and which aspects of monitoring you’re interested in. For example:

  • To provide support, you need a remote desktop service to be available.
  • To provide security policies, you require Windows Defender, an antivirus program, and an Active Directory instance to be running.
  • You also require part of your infrastructure to serve an MS SQL database with MS Distributed Transaction Coordinator.

In large environments, deploying such policies over thousands of hosts and keeping them up to date is not an easy task. Without automation, this approach takes a lot of time and effort. Windows services availability monitoring simplifies and automates such efforts.

Get full insights into virtualized environments

Dynatrace gives you a comprehensive overview of your virtualized network infrastructure. You’ll always know the status of your virtual hosts.

  • Dynatrace automatically learns the baseline performance of your application under load, including response times, error rates, and behavior.
  • You'll be notified instantly, if a code deployment results in unusually high resource consumption.
Amazon EC2 VM overview
VMWare VM overview

Monitor containers and cloud environments out-of-the-box

Ensure cloud-based application delivery and understand how your applications are deployed across cloud instances.

  • See the full picture of your dynamic infrastructure in real time.
  • Gain observability into containers from the application perspective without touching your images or making special configurations.
  • Dynatrace automatically keeps up with any changes in your environment.

Understand the impact of issues on customer experience

Dynatrace not only monitors your servers, it learns the details of your entire application architecture automatically

  • Artificial intelligence automatically identifies the dependencies within your environment.
  • Dynatrace detects and analyzes availability and performance problems across your entire technology stack.
  • Visualize how problems evolve and how they impact the user experience.

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