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The state of AI 2024:

‘Composite’ approaches are critical to success

Organizations are identifying potential for AI within multiple business areas.

AI promises to support teams’ ability to deliver new apps and services at record speed. Alongside the clear advantages of AI, however, there are challenges and risks that organizations need to manage — from the impact of AI on the workforce to the potential for manipulation and bias.

This report explores these challenges and highlights how IT leaders can overcome them by taking a composite approach, where teams combine multiple types of AI to generate fast, accurate, and trustworthy answers and insight.

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Key takeaways

Here’s what IT leaders are saying.

83% of technology leaders say AI has become mandatory

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88% of technology leaders say AI will enable cloud cost efficiencies by supporting FinOps practices

93% of technology leaders are concerned that AI could be used for non-approved uses as employees become more accustomed to using AI models and tools such as ChatGPT

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82% of technology leaders say AI will be critical to threat detection, investigation, and response

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