Monitor, analyze, and boost customer experience

Dynatrace simplifies the complexities of digital experience monitoring

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Monitor, analyze, and boost customer experience screenshot
Monitor, analyze, and boost customer experience screenshot

Understand how your applications’ performance impacts your bottom line

To drive revenue, organizations know the key to success is to evaluate applications from a strategic advantage and ensure the digital user experience is positive.

Dynatrace gives you the ability to see applications the way your customers do, which allows teams full operational insight. This insight is the key ingredient to stay competitive in today's market.

  • Awareness into where performance matters most
  • Know each customers journey and interactions with your application
  • Prioritize performance optimization based on real digital-business outcomes
  • Better collaboration with IT around a common language based on digital experience
Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare User experience, Bounce rate, Conversion rate, and traffic across all channels.
Get a complete overview of your customer satisfaction and business outcomes per channel.

We are in the middle of a digital revolution

MIT Technology Review and Dynatrace teamed up to examine how Digital Performance Management allows business and IT teams to measure customer experience.

This exclusive report describes how to close the customer-experience gap through digital-performance management (DPM). Report offers benefits and insights on getting started with DPM today.

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This infographic highlights how Digital Performance Management (DPM) integrates IT system performance with digital business performance so all stakeholders can speak the same language and work towards the same goals.

View the infographic here

This introduction to DPM explains how this emerging approach can provide serious business value

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Proactively monitor digital customer experience

Don't get caught off guard! Dynatrace analyzes each customers digital journey in real-time to evaluate satisfaction.

  • Simulate web visits and mobile app usage to resolve problems before they affect your customers
  • Deep dive into each action and isolate performance issues instantly
  • Complete view across all your websites and native/hybrid mobile apps
Dynatrace synthetic monitoring emulates all major desktop and mobile browsers to comprehensively simulate real customer journeys from thousands of locations around the world.
Benchmark your site’s performance against your competition to understand exactly where you stand.
Improve customer experience with actionable insights from segmentation and user-behavior analytics.

Dynatrace gave us a single source of business truth that allowed us to monitor customer experience across all channels of engagement, including web, mobile and online check-in services.”
Haluk Yüzücü, Infrastructure & Operations Manager

Fast complaint resolution is key to customer satisfaction

With the rise of social media, users hold all the power. A disappointing user experience can be detrimental to your brand.

  • Users don't want sites and applications that are slow or worse crash
  • Delays can result in almost 50% abandonment
  • Research shows fast and fluid online interactions translate into positive and engaging experiences
  • A positive experience protects your brand and preserves customer loyalty

Obtaining real user experience is vital for companies doing business online. Dynatrace recognizes the challenges of the multi-channel customer experience and the need for a user-centric approach for modern web and mobile applications.

  • Automatic detection and alerts to slow response times and outages
  • Fix emerging problems before users are negatively impacted
Drill down into any customer journey
Complaint Resolution
User Analytics

Five Steps for Identifying Application Development Deficiencies and Fixing Problems Fast

The pressure to increase functionality and customer service is part of an IT professional's daily routine. Download this webinar and learn how American Fidelity overhauled their IT infrastructure to be proactive vs. reactive in the event of an issue.

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