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Open AIOps Platform

Automate your cloud with AI-delivered answers

Modern cloud environments have complex data requirements

Manual approaches don't work in highly dynamic web-scale environments beyond human capability. Trying to automate IT operations for more accurate root cause and faster remediation doesn't work with traditional AIOps tools that still need you to interpret the data to get a solution.

Dynatrace Open AIOps is a Different Approach

  • Automatic discovery with high fidelity

    Unlike other solutions where you have to worry about different data sources, Dynatrace provides full-stack coverage thru the OneAgent automatically and via APIs that can be used to extend observability. This provides uniquely high fidelity data in a consistent data model.
  • Automatic dependency mapping for precise causation

    With Smartscape, Dynatrace continuously maps a topology of relationships and interdependencies for every entity in your environment. Smartscape can easily extend the relationship context to a broader ecosystem of additional events and data.
  • Instant AI-delivered answers for cloud automation

    Our AI-engine, Davis®, keeps learning as your environment dynamically evolves with no training or configuration needed. Davis automatically processes billions of dependencies across your ecosystem to serve up precise answers which enable automation of pipeline delivery and other operations.

Bring auto-discovery, continuous dependency mapping and instant answers to automate your entire ecosystem

Automate processes across your ecosystem from CI/CD deployment pipelines to configuration changes from ITSM tools using precise answers from Dynatrace’s AIOps platform. You can extend Smartscape and enrich Davis for broader AI processing with external event and data sources including F5, IBM DataPower, Citrix NetScaler, ServiceNow, Puppet, Chef and more.

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Billions of dependencies, yet the AI sees everything. Remarkable.
Gary Carr Cloud Infrastructure Architect, American Fidelity

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