Hi D.A.V.I.S, do we have any performance issues right now?

Introducing D.A.V.I.S - your digital performance virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence.

D.A.V.I.S is the human interface developed by Dynatrace, that can communicate your digital performance data faster, and with more accuracy, than a team of humans could.
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Proactive dashboards

Powered by artificial intelligence, Dynatrace uses machine learning to discover your application environment and automatically analyze user experience, application and infrastructure performance.
Analyzing billions of digital dependencies and providing immediate accurate interpretations which will radically change the way you work.

Use D.A.V.I.S to ask questions in natural language and get immediate actionable answers that a human could never compete with.
D.A.V.I.S has immense talent but right now is still a child, learning a new language.

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Make D.A.V.I.S a virtual team member

Invite D.A.V.I.S to your daily stand-up meeting: “D.A.V.I.S, how are we doing from an operational perspective?”

“Currently there are no open problems. The most critical problem in the last 24 hours was a degradation in user action response time, but it closed yesterday at 9:47 pm. Would you be interested in hearing more?”

Ask D.A.V.I.S in your digital product meeting: “What is our least used feature?”

“The least used feature is the news alert. Roughly 2 percent of all users ever use it. Despite the fact that it is rarely used, there were 5 problems last week with this feature.””

Make D.A.V.I.S a digital board room member: “How is our online revenue looking today?”:

Both engagement and conversions are 8% below expectations. Mobile web stands out as least performing. I estimate the impact to be 35,000$ per hour. Would you like to know more?

D.A.V.I.S. with you all the time

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