Software analytics tools

Software analytics tools help application developers and IT operations teams overcome some of the many challenges involved in building and managing the performance of complex digital platforms—modular, fluid digital architectures spanning multiple APIs and services. Software analytics tools are used to process the vast amounts of data collected through application performance and availability monitoring tools and user experience testing tools and transform metrics into actionable information.

Supplying firms with valuable real-time APM intelligence, software analytics tools enable companies to shift from reactive application monitoring to proactive management of application performance and the user experience.

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Leveraging software analytics tools to build and deliver better applications faster

When used in conjunction with comprehensive application monitoring and real user monitoring tools, software analytics tools allow you to more easily and efficiently:

Software analytics tools can provide you with insight into your application’s performance, the user experience, and your digital business. User behavior analytics tools, for example, can be used to gain valuable insight into how users access and interact with your digital platforms, showing you where improvements are needed and whether your optimization efforts have been effective. Mobile app analytics tools can help you eliminate bugs and unused features in your apps, improve app workflows, and isolate the root cause of crashes. In this way, software analytics tools allow you deliver a better user experience and more stable applications to your users.

Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Dynatrace: Providing you with insight into your applications, your users, and your business

Dynatrace is dedicated to helping companies deliver a superior user experience to each and every user—no matter where they are or which device they use to access a website, web application, or mobile app. Our digital experience management platform brings together deep-dive application monitoring, mobile app monitoring, and real user monitoring capabilities with synthetic web application testing tools, enabling you test, monitor, and manage the performance of each and every application component and user transaction.

Adapting instantly to fluid digital application architectures, Dynatrace Application Monitoring leverages software analytics tools to offer your out-of-the-box insight into your application topology. Automatically detecting and monitoring all application dependencies, Dynatrace detects common architectural, scalability, and performance issues—supplying you with actionable notifications and information about the root cause, not simply more data to pore over.

Dynatrace Real User Monitoring also incorporates purpose-built software analytics to correlate data on the customer experience and revenue generation and to help you answer business-critical questions like: Where are users dropping off the conversion funnel? How much does a 2-second delay affect traffic flows and conversion rates? And, where customers are experiencing delays, what is the root cause within the application architecture?

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