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Revenue and profits for today’s businesses are dependent on applications that run critical business operations. To establish that these applications perform as designed and architected, application monitor tools can be used to keep track of their performance. To be effective, these tools need to track the performance of all application components and services, including any dependencies, as the overall performance of an application is the sum of the performance of its parts. This includes the performance of the network connecting application components and services, which can be evaluated with network monitoring tools.

Full stack application monitor capabilities are available from Dynatrace, the premier provider of digital performance management products and technology. Dynatrace enables you to capture and analyze the performance of every component and service that is part of or is used by an application. Dynatrace provides wide support for popular application platforms, environments, server operating systems, databases, virtual environments, and cloud services.

For example, Dynatrace Java and .NET monitor tools enable you to monitor Java and .NET applications, respectively, down to method and database query levels with calls made to MySQL, SQL Server, or Oracle databases. If application or database instances run in virtual hosts, Dynatrace’s application monitor tools can correlate application performance with the performance of the underlying virtual environment. Dynatrace also supports the latest application and container technologies. For example, it can capture Node.js performance through its JavaScript performance monitoring capability and container performance through Docker monitoring.

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Obtain actionable insights using Dynatrace’s application monitor capabilities

Dynatrace’s full stack monitoring encompasses front-end user interactions to back-end infrastructure and cloud processing, allowing you full visibility into the performance of your distributed applications. Its PurePath Technology® traces each application transaction as it is processed across all supporting components, services, and tiers. Dynatrace’s advanced application analytics tools utilize artificial intelligence to collate and analyze captured data to provide you with actionable insights to identify the root causes of any performance problems. These application monitor insights enable you to understand how application performance impacts user experience, and ultimately, your bottom line.

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Improve DevOps productivity with Dynatrace’s application monitor CI/CD capabilities

Dynatrace provides out-of-box integration with common CI/CD tools and IDEs such as Java programming tools to automate and accelerate your application delivery pipeline. When you use Dynatrace’s application monitor, you can track vital metrics for problems from each developer workstation through to Ops. For example, when using Java development tools IDE with Dynatrace, you can identify poorly performing code changes before the code is committed into source control systems such as Git. This stops faulty builds early in the delivery pipeline before they can reach production and deployment. Additionally, when used with automated tests, Dynatrace’s application monitor can help to detect architectural regression issues. With empirical feedback provided by Dynatrace, your DevOps team can deploy higher quality applications at a quicker pace.

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