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For business-critical applications, transaction errors and outages lead to losses in productivity, customer loyalty and revenue. One way of ensuring the functionality, availability and performance of your applications—and a consistently positive user experience—is through application health monitoring.

Through the use of application health monitoring, IT organizations are able to overcome the complexities of modern applications and data centers and mitigate the risks involved with unpredictable app performance. With the right application monitoring tool, your teams can proactively discover performance issues, work together to optimize applications and networks, and improve application service delivery for both customers and employees.

Method Breakdown by CPU Time

Our Integrated Approach to Application Health Monitoring

Today’s composite applications, heterogeneous infrastructure, and endpoint diversity present unique challenges to application performance management. To attend to the many components, services and technologies that affect app performance, IT professionals must take an integrated approach to application health monitoring—focusing on not only application health but also network and server performance and user behavior.

Dynatrace’s comprehensive APM platform provides our clients with the end-user, data center and application health monitoring capabilities necessary for managing the end-to-end performance of enterprise, web, and mobile applications. With our deep-dive application health monitoring and website performance monitoring solutions your organization can:

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A Unified Network and Application Health Monitoring Solution for the Data Center

For enterprise applications, we have engineered an on-premise, unified network and application health monitoring solution: Data Center Real User Monitoring (DCRUM). Dependent on complex interconnected systems, today’s enterprise applications require sophisticated network traffic monitoring softwarecapable of tackling both application and network layers. Incorporating deep-dive, multi-tier transaction analysis and an advanced network traffic monitoring tool set, our solution allows your teams to examine the real user experience and analyze application performance from the network perspective.

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