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Cloud native application monitoring

Full stack monitoring for container and cloud environments powered by AI

Forget what you thought you knew about application monitoring

  • Start monitoring in under 5 minutes

    Experience unmatched ease of use. Only deploy OneAgent to get started. Machine learning algorithms autonomously discover your ecosystem. Intuitive dashboards provide full insights after minutes.

  • Pinpoint application problems in seconds

    Leverage AI to resolve issues faster. Dynatrace artificial intelligence detects anomalies and identifies root causes automatically. Receive in-depth information on where and why applications break.

  • Scale up with confidence

    Dynatrace artificial intelligence analyzes billions of transactions in real-time. It scales up to 100,000+ hosts and provides open APIs for seamless integration as pure SaaS, managed or on-premises solution.

AI-powered monitoring - dynamic, agile and cost-effective as the cloud

  • Full stack, end-to-end, real-time, out-of-the-box
  • Vendor-independent capacity management and cost control
  • Replace multiple tools with one unified monitoring solution

Learn more about Dynatrace application performance monitoring

Dynatrace is an all-in-one tool to manage user experience, application performance, cloud components, 3rd party monitoring, network metrics and log monitoring.
Dynatrace automatically discovers your entire application stack, from each customer's web browser to your applications, down to containers, infrastructure, and cloud.

Start monitoring highly dynamic environments in under 5 minutes

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Cut down your mean time to repair by 95% with AI

  • Machine learning algorithms automatically set performance baselines for your cloud native application.
  • Anomalies are detected by artificial intelligence before customers are impacted.
  • The root causes of issues are autonomously identified and reported.
  • Interactive infographics visualize the problem evolution and offer instant replay functionality.

Learn more about Dynatrace root cause analysis

"Davis, are there any performance issues right now?"

Meet Davis® Assistant - your virtual assistant for cloud native application monitoring

Davis Assistant is the conversational interface developed by Dynatrace. It makes performance data accessible by answering natural language questions. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing expand the use of operational data beyond experts.

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