Dynatrace Application Monitoring

Dynatrace AppMon provides deep application monitoring and performance lifecycle management

Monitor and optimize every single transaction with gap-free code-level data

Within the Dynatrace platform, AppMon provides deep application monitoring through the entire software lifecycle.

Auto-discover and map all applications and business transactions-flows continuously. Business transaction analysis provides full insights into response time, threading, DB calls and complexity. Integrate Dynatrace seamlessly into your delivery pipeline to accelerate continuous innovation.

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“Dynatrace was a critical factor in our ability to reduce our performance testing cycles from two months to two weeks.”

Mc Graw Hill Education

“No other APM product gives you the ability to address issues as quickly as Dynatrace does.”

Dynatrace Application Monitoring capabilities

Dynatrace AppMon/UEM news

Next Dynatrace Online Performance Clinic on Aug 24

AppMon/UEM | 23 Aug 2016

What’s the usage of your latest top deployed features? How much revenue do you make or loose through the last campaign? What is the business impact of bad performance or use experience and how to you quickly identify the technical root cause?

In this Performance Clinic, John Kelly will give us a live demo of his business workflow dashboards built for Dynatrace AppMon & UEM. Followed the presentation we open up for Q&A where we take questions related to this presentation or any other question you have around Dynatrace

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AppMon/UEM | 22 Aug 2016

Stay informed of important Dynatrace Community news by following the @Dynatrace Twitter feed. To filter this feed and view only Community-related news, perform a Twitter search for the hashtag #DynatraceCommunity.

Android Hybrid App Sample

AppMon/UEM | 22 Aug 2016

Check out how easy it is to instrument a Mobile Hybrid App with Dynatrace UEM.

Next Dynatrace Online Performance Clinic on Aug 17

AppMon/UEM | 15 Aug 2016

This Performance Clinic is my August 2016 Refresher on “What is Dynatrace AppMon and How to Get Started?” I target this session for both new users of Dynatrace AppMon as well as experienced users as I am covering the latest updates in AppMon and at the end open it up for Live Q&A! I will be using Dynatrace AppMon 6.5 which has been available for Early Access for several weeks now and which we also start using for our Free Trial users starting this week!

Dynatrace AppMon 6.2.12 and 6.3.7 released!

AppMon/UEM | 11 Aug 2016

Stay up-to-date with the latest updates.

Announcing the Community Member of the Month for August, 2016!

AppMon/UEM | 09 Aug 2016

We are very happy to announce that Marsh J. is our August Community Member of the Month! Click the link to read about how Marsh has been contributing to the Dynatrace Community and helping us improve our products.

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