Dynatrace Application Monitoring

Dynatrace AppMon provides deep application monitoring and performance lifecycle management

Monitor and optimize every single transaction with gap-free code-level data

Within the Dynatrace platform, AppMon provides deep application monitoring through the entire software lifecycle.

Auto-discover and map all applications and business transactions-flows continuously. Business transaction analysis provides full insights into response time, threading, DB calls and complexity. Integrate Dynatrace seamlessly into your delivery pipeline to accelerate continuous innovation.

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“Dynatrace was a critical factor in our ability to reduce our performance testing cycles from two months to two weeks.”

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“No other APM product gives you the ability to address issues as quickly as Dynatrace does.”

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Dynatrace Application Monitoring capabilities

Dynatrace AppMon/UEM news

Dynatrace AppMon 6.5.12 & 6.3.22 are now available!

AppMon/UEM | 27 Mar 2017

Stay up-to-date and download the latest AppMon version today! For a description of the critical fixes and enhancements included in AppMon 6.5.12 and 6.3.22 see the Release Notes listed below.

Dynatrace not affected by Apache Struts 2.x vulnerability

AppMon/UEM | 23 Mar 2017

Dynatrace products do not use the Apache framework, and are not affected by the Apache Struts 2.x vulnerability recently announced by Apache.

March 2017 newsletters are now available!

AppMon/UEM | 16 Mar 2017

For a summary of all product and Community news, such as new release & service pack announcements, links to webinars, blog posts, and trending support content in a given month, check out the following March Community newsletters!

Next Dynatrace Online Performance Clinic

AppMon/UEM | 15 Mar 2017

We created the Dynatrace Pipeline State UFO to foster a cultural change within our R&D organization. Thanks to our success in making quality more visible and the positive feedback we received from people around the world we decided to open source this project: https://github.com/Dynatrace/ufo In this session I want to show you how the UFOs REST API works, how to visualize any type of quality status and how to hook it up with your Dynatrace AppMon or Dynatrace SaaS / Managed environment At the end of the clinic we open up for Q&A

Dynatrace AppMon 6.5.11 is now available!

AppMon/UEM | 14 Mar 2017

Stay up-to-date and download the latest AppMon version today! For a description of the critical fixes and enhancements included in AppMon 6.5.11 click the link below.

Next Dynatrace Online Performance Clinic

AppMon/UEM | 08 Mar 2017

Tomorrow, Thursday March 9th we are going to do a Performance Clinic on “Shift-Left Performance” using a Spring Boot Micro-Service Application that we push through a Jenkins Build Pipeline integrated with Dynatrace AppMon Test Automation. This is a run through of our HOT (Hands-On-Training) session from Dynatrace PERFORM 2017. If you are trying to integrate Dynatrace AppMon into your delivery pipeline (Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS, Concourse, …) join me for this session. We will also discuss the new Test Automation REST APIs and I am happy to answer all open questions you may have on that topic

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