Digital Experience Monitoring

Understand mobile app crashes effectively with our mobile symbol service and iOS symbolication (Preview)

Welcome! New synthetic monitoring locations in Asia, Africa, and the US

Deep dive into user session data with Dynatrace user session queries

Get full Real User Monitoring insights into 3rd-party SaaS solutions

User tags for session analysis now support server-side request attributes (Preview)

Fine-tune synthetic monitors by blocking specific requests for better web application analytics

Easily create synthetic monitors for personalized web offerings with the new Set cookies option

Monitor your web applications from new locations in China and the UAE!

Deliver digital experience excellence with Session Replay

Kick off 2019 with new Synthetic public locations!

Metrics matter

Monitor your Xamarin apps with Dynatrace OneAgent

New synthetic monitoring locations now available worldwide

Data privacy enhancement: Masking internal IP addresses

Custom charting for mobile and custom-application metrics

Synthetic HTTP monitors for private locations are now GA

Integrate external synthetic data with Dynatrace via API

The next generation of synthetic monitoring…is here!

Real User Monitoring: Important changes to Visually complete calculation

Synthetic clickpaths level up

Migration to new generation of synthetic monitoring locations begins October 1st

Apdex ratings now available for mobile & custom apps

The pitfalls of traditional synthetic monitoring (part 2)

HTTP monitors for private locations (public Beta)