Digital Experience Monitoring

Dynatrace helps global enterprises build robust and scalable Private Synthetic locations

Enable your teams to scale better with fine-grained settings and permissions for Digital Experience Management

How Voice of the Customer solutions can transform digital experience monitoring

Faster crash analysis for mobile apps

Automatically detect potential frontend attacks that cause Content Security Policy (CSP) violations

Session Replay improved for continuously deployed apps: CSS file capture

Optimize modern web applications with automatic insights into pages and page groups

Private Synthetic Monitoring locations now also supported on Ubuntu 20

Full support for Google’s Core Web Vitals improves your user experience and search rankings

Optimize mobile app performance, adoption, and conversions with Session Replay and business analytics

Business Analytics for mobile and custom applications enables advanced segmentation and BizDevOps collaboration

Best-in-class privacy broadens applicability of visual Session Replay for web and mobile

Understand and replay iOS app crashes with Session Replay

Automate configuration changes by leveraging the extended Real User Monitoring APIs

DYOC: Agentless RUM, OpenKit, Metric ingest, and Business Analytics

Revamped HTTP monitor detail pages to effortlessly monitor API endpoints and mobile back-end services

What is digital experience?

Gain broader applicability for Session Replay through easier, automated and GDPR-compliant masking presets

Code-level observability for Flutter apps drives great user experience

Find and analyze your web frontend errors faster

Billion-dollar problem solved through 21-day digital transformation

Maximized cloud-region coverage with Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring

Improve mobile user experience with gapless insight into the health of your app releases

Ensure unrivaled customer experience with Davis® AI-powered HTTP and custom error analytics