Digital Experience Monitoring

New IP addresses for Dynatrace Synthetic improve safety and scalability

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Automated scripted API monitoring with HTTP monitors

Synthetic monitoring of internal applications extended to Windows-based ActiveGates!

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Latest Synthetic Recorder update improves clickpath recording and local playback

Track Real User Monitoring license consumption by web and mobile application

User experience score—the one metric to rule them all

Monitor dynamic application workflows with placeholders and synthetic location context

Dynatrace scales up Real User Monitoring to meet your digital touchpoint monitoring needs

Dynatrace HTTP monitors go multi-request, leaving no API unmonitored!

Discover frustrating user experiences with automatic rage click detection

Public Synthetic monitoring locations keep growing in number!

Increased accuracy for Visually complete and Speed index—measurements may be impacted

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USQL goes GA! Data-driven decisions with powerful queries and advanced dashboarding