Digital Experience Monitoring

Fetch timeseries data for custom applications & mobile apps via our REST API

Filter user sessions based on custom session properties (EAP)

The pitfalls of traditional synthetic monitoring (part 1)

Monitor hybrid mobile apps with the Cordova plugin

New ‘Transfer size’ DEM metric & waterfall enhancements

General availability of custom application monitoring!

New privacy settings secure your customers’ personal data

Customer-centric performance insights with key performance metrics

New generation of synthetic-monitoring locations available worldwide

Custom anomaly detection now available for key user actions

Real User Monitoring (RUM) browser extension for 3rd-party SaaS vendors

Live user session data now available for real-time analysis!

UX Insider – 5 Tech Tips for Session Recording

Digital touchpoint monitoring with Dynatrace OpenKit

Web checks have a new name: Synthetic monitoring

New menu entry point for web checks & synthetic availability monitoring

Waterfall findings and JavaScript error details included in web checks

Source map support for JavaScript error analysis

Monitor availability of applications that require basic login

The impact of JavaScript errors and How to monitor JavaScript errors using Real User Monitoring!