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Web applications have evolved to fulfill many critical business transactions. Consequently, the performance and availability of these applications directly impact the bottom-lines of businesses. Application health monitoring and application virtualization technologies can help to maintain application availability and scalability. However, they do not directly address the needs of improving application performance and user experience. These needs can be met using application management software which includes tools for monitoring and managing application performance called application performance management tools (APM tools).

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Traditional APM tools provide rudimentary and disparate snapshots of application components. They capture high-level metrics of components in single tiers but do not have the capability to view across the entire application delivery chain within the scope of individual transactions. Some APM tools only just provide coverage in the web tier by monitoring traffic between users and the application front-end ignoring infrastructure components like databases and third-party services. These approaches do not provide end-to-end visibility for business transactions. They do not capture full business insight into application behavior and whether applications meet service level targets for each user.

Application management software from Dynatrace meets and exceeds challenging application performance management requirements that are inherent in today’s complex applications. Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® captures deep transaction detail that is needed to optimize application performance and user experience and ensure application scalability and stability. PurePath Technology traces each transaction end-to-end from user clicks to application middle-tiers to back-end infrastructure tiers. It captures metrics from distributed transactions which span through the cloud, distributed application and database tiers, and third-party services. Any performance issues encountered in the application delivery chain are highlighted to provide actionable information to resolve the issues quickly.

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Dynatrace provides turnkey application management software products for performance management of web applications. Four products are available. They can be used together to provide a complete application performance management solution.

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