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Unify signals in one integrated platform, execute queries across metrics, traces, and logs, and enhance the value of OpenTelemetry data.

Store traces, metrics, and logs in one place

  • Integrate metrics, logs, and traces in traditional and cloud-native environments
  • Maximize insights with automatic baselining and AI-powered anomaly detection
  • Consolidate observability solutions and cut costs
  • Unify analysis with correlated signals for services and workloads

Supercharge OpenTelemetry data

  • Profile CPU usage and garbage collection to pinpoint performance bottlenecks
  • Discover method hotspots with code-level insights
  • Enhance visibility through automatic topology detection of service dependencies
  • Incorporate Real User Monitoring for end-to-end UX tracking

Ingest data from anywhere

  • Ingest OpenTelemetry data using native OTLP, managed Dynatrace collectors, or automate collection with the Dynatrace OneAgent
  • Combine OpenTelemetry with Dynatrace PurePath for enhanced trace correlation
  • Apply Dynatrace OpenTelemetry solutions for serverless and Istio/Envoy monitoring

Execute massive queries at lightning speed

  • Ingest and retain huge data volumes without indexing hassles
  • Run lightning-fast queries across a unified data set with patented Grail technology
  • Safeguard data integrity with masking, parsing, and filtering at the edge
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With [Dynatrace] OneAgent OpenTelemetry, tracing automatically gets ingested. This lets us diagnose problems that are not only in our application, but also with external integrations.
Justin Scherer Senior Software Engineer, Northwestern Mutual

Getting started

Integration walk throughs

Learn how to integrate and ingest OpenTelemetry data (traces, metrics, and logs) into Dynatrace.

Collector use cases

Configure your collector instance for different use cases.

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