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Application performance monitoring tools (APM tools) are essential tools for the monitoring and management of application availability, stability, and performance. Web applications executing critical business transactions benefit greatly when an APM tool is used to monitor for bottlenecks and hotspots along the entire application delivery chain. Unlike many APM tools in the market that are limited to a specific application platform (for example Java monitoring tools), Dynatrace offers comprehensive APM solutions that support a wide range of application platforms and databases including cloud and big data applications.

Performance engineering

Use APM Tools from Dynatrace to Manage Cloud Application Performance

Cloud applications process an increasing number of business transactions. Application monitoring and application management of cloud applications is critical to ensuring that these applications meet their business goals. Dynatrace APM tools automatically detect and monitor cloud services as well as on-premise applications. Using Dynatrace for cloud applications provides benefits including:

Application monitoring dashboard

Use APM Tools from Dynatrace to Speed Up Big Data Applications

Uses of big data are growing each day. New applications leveraging big data are becoming more common. APM tools from Dynatrace boost your ROI on big data applications by providing:

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