Application performance management

Best-in-class APM software from the category leader. Automated code-level visibility and root cause.

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Precise answers, automatically

Automatic instrumentation for dynamic microservices, high fidelity data in context for all transactions, and unique hybrid support to see the entire enterprise cloud and its dependencies in real time.

  • AIOps


Zero-touch configuration, continuous discovery and relationship mapping in real-time, instant answers and precise causation.

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  • AIOps

Full Stack

Understand all the relationships and interdependencies, top to bottom, from end-user experience to infrastructure health.

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  • AI at the core

AI at the core

Radically different open AI-engine, Davis, processes billions of dependencies for instantly precise answers beyond human capabilities.

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  • Web-scale


Scale-out cloud native architecture, role-based governance for large global teams, and automatic enterprise-wide deployment.

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Detect and monitor microservices, automatically

Dynatrace automatically discovers and monitors dynamic microservices running inside containers. See how they're performing, how they communicate with each other and immediately detect poorly performing microservices.

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Code-level tracing

Dynatrace uses patented PurePath Technology® to automatically capture timing and code-level context for transactions across every tier. Dive deep to analyze response times and find hotspots at the method level.

Code-level tracing

Hybrid cloud, from mainframe to mobile

Dynatrace has the broadest coverage of any monitoring solution, including languages supported, application architectures, cloud, on-premise or hybrid, enterprise apps, SaaS monitoring, and more.

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SQL/NoSQL Databases

Automatically detect and monitor databases, understand how applications are using them, and get detailed health metrics for each database statement. Identify and solve database issues that impact application performance.

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CI/CD analytics for metrics-driven innovation

Dynatrace tracks every build moving through your delivery pipeline, every operations deployment, all user behavior, and the impact on your supporting infrastructure. So you can push new code into production reliably and quickly.

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Travis Perkins PLC

The only way to describe our impressions of Dynatrace is ‘eye-opening’. It was the first opportunity we’d ever had to really understand what our applications were doing.”
Abdul Al Tayib, E-Commerce Operations Team Leader at Travis Perkins PLC

Engineered for cloud native and hybrid environments

Dynatrace automatically discovers, baselines, and intelligently monitors dynamic multi-cloud environments.

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The All-in-one Platform

More about Application Performance

Application performance management is just one part of our platform. See how we cover it all, in one automatic, AI-powered platform

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