Dynatrace AJAX edition

The AJAX edition is a free tool to debug and investigate performance improvements on your site. This advanced browser diagnostics tool for an unprecedented level of visibility and diagnostics into the front-end performance of your website and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) web applications was also known as Compuware AJAX edition.

Dynatrace AJAX edition has been a great product and helped many people around the world to analyze web performance problems in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Endorsed by industry experts such as John Resig (creator of jQuery) or Steve Souders (creator of YSlow) AJAX edition became the de-facto standard for browser diagnostics on Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows.

With the extension of Web Performance into Mobile Devices, Cloud as well as different server-side technologies (Java, .NET, PHP, Nginx, Node.js, …) Dynatrace decided in December 2014 to focus the efforts and continue innovation of Browser Diagnostics, User Experience and Application Monitoring into Dynatrace. To get your own personal license of Dynatrace Application Monitoring and Dynatrace User Experience Management simply sign up on this page or use the on http://bit.ly/dtpersonal. We still provide the old Dynatrace AJAX edition download in case you want to hold on to its legacy.

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