Dynatrace Performance Benchmarks

How does your digital presence stack up against the competition?

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Dynatrace Performance Benchmarks

You always need to know your marketplace.

Performance Benchmarks give our digital experience customers the web performance rankings of thousands of global companies across dozens of industries. You get all the information you need to set goals and standards for web performance and keep raising the bar.

See our Benchmark Methodology (PDF) for full details.

Benchmarks are currently available for:

See the list of currently available Benchmarks (PDF) for full details.

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As a Dynatrace synthetic monitoring customer, you can subscribe to Performance Benchmarks and get real-time access to comparative data on all the leading sites in your industry and geography, right in the context of your own site performance baselines.

The top results are available with a free subscription. A paid subscription provides full industry results.

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Analyze multiple data points to summarize web performance in your industry Get leading transaction times and averages Discover which companies lead—and lag—in availability

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