Optimize mobile application performance

Dynatrace mobile monitoring gives full insights from mobile to backend services to ensure a positive user experience

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Optimize mobile application performance screenshot
Optimize mobile application performance screenshot

Crash Analytics: Understand how and why apps crash

Sometimes crashes are unavoidable, but with Dynatrace, we show you the platforms and other criteria under which app crashes most frequently.

  • Filter crash results based on multiple dimensions such as app version, OS type, OS version, device-type, jail-broken status and more
  • Downloadable symbolicated and deobfuscated stack traces with detailed user device information, including steps that led to crash
  • Quickly reproduce crashes and pinpoint root causes to fix the problems immediately
  • Metrics on percentages of happy, crash-free unique users
RUM dashboard overview
Number of new users acquired during selected timeframe
Dynatrace shows problems and affected users

Mobile application monitoring for the customer-centric era

Dashboard overview of performance issues

Monitor your app's performance

When it comes to mobile user experience, performance is key. Dynatrace lets you understand the level of performance that your customers experience and whether they are using an Android device or latest iPhone. Dynatrace provides:

  • Top HTTP requests
  • Number of HTTP requests
  • Error rate
  • Request time
  • Action duration

Explore and learn more about your users! Where do they come from? Which devices are they using? What is their experience with your app? You can answer these questions and many others in seconds!

Improve mobile user experience

Dynatrace provides integrated monitoring of your native mobile apps, backend services, and 3rd party services you depend on. With Dynatrace mobile application analytics you get to know your user base by monitoring and tracking:

  • Users / sessions
  • New users
  • User path through your app
  • App version distribution
  • Geographic regions

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“As an online retailer, website and mobile performance is critical to us because it directly correlates with the customer experience and revenue generation. That’s why we rely on Dynatrace.”

“Instead of using separate tools for web monitoring, application performance management and server monitoring we now have a single all-in-one solution, Dynatrace.”

Get the full picture, including backend service performance

With increasing complexity, both native and hybrid mobile apps rely on backend service infrastructure. Dynatrace automatically discovers your entire application stack with AI-driven Smartscape technology.

  • Visualized interactive map for access to performance statistics on individual components
  • View of interdependencies within your environment from apps all the way down to underlying services, processes, hosts and datacenters
  • See mobile app performance together with all your applications
  • Ability to pinpoint root cause of each detected problem in the application-delivery chain

Smartscape view.

Strategy made simple

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Therefore you need built-in expertise to lead the way—and we’ve got it. The Digital Experience Insights service is designed to drive an active mobile performance optimization strategy and culture even if you don’t have a lot of time or resources in-house. Start today and unleash your maximum potential.

Learn more about Dynatrace Digital Experience Insights

This chart shows the distribution of time across key performance metrics, contrasting front end and back end. It highlights the overall stability of each page experience.

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