Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) performance monitoring

Ensure perfect user experience for your AMP pages with Dynatrace performance monitoring

  • Improve response times and boost your websites

    Check your browser response times and receive suggestions on how to improve them on network, server or code level. Lower the bounce rates with deep insights from one single AMP monitoring tool.

  • Make pages more compelling for your users

    Optimization means more than speed. Dynatrace shows infrastructure boundaries, evaluates used technologies and 3rd party providers in all accelerated mobile pages.

  • Get failure-resistant with an AI-driven monitoring suite

    Speed also matters when looking for problems. APM monitoring allows you to find upcoming issues before your customers are affected.

What are accelerated mobile pages (AMP)?

While there have been lots of software applications, plugins and other attempts to improve web page speed by making their static content, there has never been a normed standard like accelerated mobile pages. AMP is a pioneering solution with that goal. The open-source technology allows fast response times by building web pages for static content. A limited set of allowed technical functionality ensures minimal traffic. This way websites can render very fast. With support for a variety of analytic tools, content platforms, content management systems and further interfaces a growing number of technologies and companies follow the new standard. Originally initiated as Google AMP the project has meanwhile gone open-source to allow everybody to contribute ideas for a fast mobile web.

Receive website performance metrics in real-time

  • Every transaction across every tier: Dynatrace monitors your AMP pages without blind spots
  • Monitoring AMP-based website instances allows enhancing the user experience with full insight into end-user performance
  • Accelerated mobile pages monitoring with Dynatrace works out-of-the-box and delivers full insights within minutes
  • Whether you are using an AMP plugin for your CMS, a built-in solution on a content platform provider or a custom system, performance details for applications like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla are supported just like major content ecosystems from Google, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Get extensive details of your AMP websites

  • Request and response times
  • User satisfaction categorized into countries, states and regions
  • Dependencies within your entire system
  • Potential infrastructure problems

AMP optimization with Dynatrace monitoring!

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As an online retailer, website and mobile performance is critical to us because it directly correlates with the customer experience and revenue generation. That’s why we rely on Dynatrace.

Getting started with AMP monitoring

Besides installing the Dynatrace OneAgent on your server there is also the option of agentless real user monitoring. Simply done with a JavaScript snippet, accelerated mobile pages monitoring can be set up in seconds. By automatically creating a special web application with AMP support your websites and services can be observed easily. Dynatrace provides the possibility of one-click monitoring setup for all given accelerated mobile pages. As an AMP developer you can use the growing library of web components that offer support for embedding rich media objects and optimize them.

Monitoring featured web technologies

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You’ll be up and running in under 5 minutes: Sign up, deploy our agent and get unmatched insights out-of-the-box.
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