Performance view: waterfall graph, object view, and HTTP headers pane

This default view includes a waterfall graph, an object view, and an HTTP Headers pane. Performance results for every page visited are shown, including download times and source details for each page element.

Waterfall view

This view displays a detailed, object-by-object visual representation of each page of a mobile web transaction. The downloaded elements of each action are displayed on separate lines, with the start and end of each element's download shown as a horizontal bar.

The performance view includes the waterfall graph and two sub-tabs providing detail about selected objects in the waterfall: Object view and HTTP headers.

Object view - Displayable objects in the waterfall view are displayed.

HTTP headers - All headers sent and received are captured and displayed in the Headers panel.

In MITE 5, waterfall graphs in Performance View display red and green lines for the time to first paint and time to interactive metrics. Hover over the lines to see metrics data.


Typing a keyword or multiple keywords separated by spaces in the filter section will retrieve all resources in the waterfall that contain the keywords in:

  • The content of the resource
  • The headers of the resource
  • The URL of the resource
  • The post data of the resource

It is also possible with extended syntax to specifically specify where to search and to exclude a specified resource with the -(minus) operator.

To specify where to look for a specific keyword you can prefix your keyword with one of these operators:

  • headers: - look for the following keyword only in the header of the resource in the waterfall.
  • content: - look for the following keyword only in the content of the resource in the waterfall.
  • postdata: - look for the following keyword only in the postdata of the resource in the waterfall.
  • url: - look for the following keyword only in the url of the resource in the waterfall.

Examples of valid searches:


This will search for the word walmart in every resource of the waterfall looking in the URL, the content of the resources, the headers, the post data of HTTP POST request.


Search and include every resource which has Cache-Control in the headers (sent or received).

headers:Expires url:-ominture

Include every resource that has Expires in the headers and doesn’t contain omniture in the URL.

content:-"has  moved"

Filter every resource that doesn’t contain the words has moved in its content.