Transaction performance summary

This dialog provides several types of performance data for a transaction script. It is updated each time the script is played back. Summary data are provided for each action in the transaction as well as a total for each data category.

Network Times - Total time taken to download each element.

User Experience - Overall time taken to render all page elements for the transaction. This component is reported for Transaction Perspective measurements (not Application Perspective). It is obtained by monitoring status information reported by the Internet Explorer browser. It includes the time to opening the page and the page download time.

Download Size - The total size of all downloaded elements.

Downloaded Page Elements - Count of downloaded elements.

Cached Network Times - Estimated time to get elements from cache.

Page Element Errors - Total count of errors for the transaction and each action.

Cached Download Size - The size of elements fetched from cache.

NonCachable Page Elements - Count of elements that cannot be cached.

Page Elements From Cache - Number of elements fetched from cache.