KITE views

These views (information panels) are available within KITE:

  • Script Repository - Displays a list of your recorded scripts.
  • Script Viewer - Displays the actions you have recorded (or created by editing) in a hierarchical view.
  • Property Editor - Displays properties of the currently selected script element.
  • Event Log - Displays detailed data about each event of a transaction in a sortable table.
  • Performance Summary - Displays summary data about timings, sizes and counts (per page) after a script is played back.
  • Performance Details - Displays a detailed object-by-object visual representation of a Web transaction.
  • Results HTTP Headers - Displays HTTP Request and Response Headers for each element shown in the Transaction Performance Details view.
  • Advanced Scripting Log - Displays debugging information for advanced scripts if logging is turned on in script.

See also KITE Tab Interface.