Portal navigation

The default landing page of the EAP Portal is the Home dashboard. From there, navigation is enabled mainly by the portal menu on the left and the User menu at the left of the menu bar.

A breadcrumb trail below the menu bar allows you to navigate back through previous Portal pages. We recommend using the breadcrumb trail over the browser's back button.

Quick reference

To go to... Click...
My dashboards > My dashboards
Favorite custom dashboards > Favorites
Shared custom dashboards > Shared
Charts (Analyze) > Current chart data
Historical data > Historical chart data
Error analysis > Error analysis
Home > Home dashboard
Operational summary > Operational summary
Web & mobile dashboard > Web and mobile
Mobile App Monitoring dashboard > Mobile app monitoring
Analytics (Benchmarking) > Benchmarking
Reports summary > Summary (in the Reports section)
Reports archives > Archives
Time filters > Time filters
Combination graphs > Combination graphs
Network diagnostics > Network
Instant test > Instant test
Five city test > Five city test
Cloud ApP agent status > CApP agent status
Private agent capacity > Private agent capacity
Alarms summary > Summary (in the Alarms section)
Create alarms > Create
Configure alarms > Configure
Email layout > Email layout
Maintenance windows > Maintenance windows
Baselines > Baselines
Alarm log > Log
User name
Settings > Settings
My measurements > My measurements
Activity log > Activity log
Keynote Service Center > Keynote service center
Agent status (Service health) > Agent status (BETA)
Try Early Access Program > Early access program
Documentation > Help
Keynote Synthetic Open Q&A Forum > Answers
Dynatrace blog > Blog
Customer support > Support
Sign out > Sign out