Global dashboard thresholds

You can the use Global Threshold page to set thresholds for your measurements. Use this page to set thresholds if you do not want to set up thresholds in alarms.

Four thresholds can be set:

  • Warning for Download Time
  • Critical for Download Time
  • Warning for Availability
  • Critical for Availability

The thresholds you set affect the background colors shown in dashboard cells. Cell colors allow you to instantly see whether a measurements download time or availability is at or past warning (yellow) or critical (red) levels.


Thresholds set using the Global Threshold page do not affect alarm thresholds. If both global and alarm thresholds are set, Alarm thresholds are used.

Thresholds for Response Time can be static (based on specific number of seconds) or dynamic (based on multiples of baseline values). Note that to use dynamic values, baselines must be set in Alarms.

Availability thresholds can only be static (based on absolute percentages).

Global threshold page
Global threshold page

Using the Global Threshold page, you can set thresholds for all your measurements or for individual measurements.To set global thresholds:**

  1. Select Static (the default) or Dynamic . Only measurements with baselines set up can have dynamic thresholds.
  2. To apply the threshold to all measurements, change the values in the top section and select Apply to all Measurements . To apply to one or more individual measurements, enter the threshold values in the appropriate row(s).
  3. For static thresholds, enter the number of seconds to use for warning and critical. For dynamic thresholds, select the multiplier to use. This value will be multiplied by the baseline value currently set.
  4. When you are finished setting up thresholds, click Save at the bottom of the page.

To disable global thresholds:**

  1. Select the measurement(s) you want to disable.
  2. Click the Disable button at the bottom of the page.