Keynote integration with Dynatrace Application Monitoring

There are several ways in which Keynote Synthetic Monitoring integrates with Dynatrace AppMon + UEM:

  • PurePath integration for Keynote Synthetic Monitoring enables you to trace every transaction starting from a synthetic monitor through backend systems, third parties, virtualized tiers, and more.
  • Keynote Synthetic Monitoring integrates with Dynatrace AppMon to provide a single access point to view and analyze application monitoring data for your real user and synthetic measurements (see Synthetic Test Integration below). Users with both Dynatrace AppMon and Keynote Synthetic accounts can now see their Keynote measurements in AppMon Web dashboards, and from there, leverage MyKeynote graphing tools to perform deep drill down and problem resolution.

PurePath integration

The PurePath integration enables you to view transaction trace data as well as data for your Keynote Synthetic measurements via MyKeynote. Drill down from a waterfall graph in MyKeynote to the AppMon Client to view the PurePath transaction trace data related to your synthetic measurements.

A PurePath is a complete transaction trace of server requests for each resource in the waterfall chart providing comprehensive visibility required for analyzing and troubleshooting response times.

Enabling PurePath integration

To enable PurePath integration, you must perform configuration tasks:

  • Instrument your website for PurePath functionality.
  • Set up PurePath integration in the Keynote Service Center (KSC):
    • Enter the hostname/IP address and port of the AppMon server.
    • Enable PurePath integration when provisioning your measurement in KSC. For details, refer to Setting Up PurePath Measurements.
  • Install the AppMon Client on the client machine used for accessing MyKeynote.
    • The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) be installed on the client machine.

Viewing PurePath data

In the waterfall graph for a measurement data point in MyKeynote, you can click on the PurePath icon next to each resource to launch the AppMon Client.Drill down to visualize the trace data of a measurement.

For details, see PurePath Measurements in MyKeynote Help.

Synthetic test integration with AppMon Web dashboards

Synthetic test integration unites Keynote Synthetic Monitoring with Dynatrace AppMon so you can use AppMon Web dashboards to access the performance details such as availability, errors, and response time of Keynote Synthetic measurements that you configure and schedule in the Keynote Service Center (KSC). From the measurements displayed in AppMon Web dashboards, you can drill down to the Performance Trend Graph and other interactive charts such as scatter plots and waterfall charts in MyKeynote to view trends and outlier measurements, trending for error data points, browser event metrics for each data point, and availability and performance details for accurate root cause analysis.

Enabling Synthetic test integration

To view Keynote Synthetic Monitoring measurements and data in AppMon Web dashboards, configure the integration in  Dynatrace AppMon. For details, see Synthetic Monitoring Configuration in AppMon documentation.

You do not need to configure anything in MyKeynote.

Viewing Synthetic test integration data

The Synthetic Tests tile in AppMon Web Dashboards displays the availability, response times, failure rates, and errors for selected synthetic measurements.

For information about creating a custom dashboard with the Synthetic Tests tile and analyzing synthetic data in AppMon Web, see Synthetic Test Integration for Application Monitoring in AppMon documentation. For more information about the Synthetic Tests tile, see Tile Types.

When you click a measurement in AppMon Web Dashboards and drill down to to its Performance Trend Graph in  MyKeynote, you can use additional MyKeynote charting tools in MyKeynote to visualize and analyze the data. See Creating Charts and Chart Types in MyKeynote Help for more information.