Chart actions

Each graph page in MyKeynote provides a set of actions or controls you can use to save graphs, download data, and refresh the graph. These controls are found in a boxed area that is found in the top right-hand area of the graph page.

Graph actions found on every graph page.

Page controls

The Refresh button lets you retrieve the latest data for the current graph. The Refresh button is only available with graphs showing a relative time range, for which the data is frequently changing.

Alternative views of this page

The Tear button and the Post button both allow you to view a graph for one week in without logging in to MyKeynote.

  • The Tear option allows you to create a copy of a page that you can keep on your screen for comparison purposes.
  • The Post option saves the graph to the MyKeynote server and provides you with a URL that you can use to access the graph page any time within one week. You can also share this URL with other users who may need to refer to a saved graph. When you save the graph you are given the option of saving as a pdf file.
  • The PDF option saves the graph in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.

If you need the report to be available after one week, save the source file to your own Web server using the File/Save As... menu item on your browser. You may do this provided you do not remove the Keynote banner from the top of the page. If you choose the image file graph option, you will also need to save the graph image and modify the source code to point to the file's new location. Help is provided in the source code for doing this. None of the other image references need to be altered.

Download data

The Download Data button lets you download all the raw data or the aggregated data summarized in the table to your local disk drive.

  • Raw - Excel downloads data in Excel format (and opens Excel if installed). Raw data includes the individual data points used to calculate the average numbers shown in the graph.
  • Raw data is a set of all the individual data points used to calculate the average numbers shown in the graph.
  • Aggregated data is the actual information listed in the table.

A third option, Detail on Scatter Plot graphs only, enables you to download detail data, which is data about page content that is downloaded when there is a content error.

This feature lets you access the actual data used by MyKeynote and pull it into a spreadsheet or a statistical analysis application and perform additional calculations with the data. The file MyKeynote downloads can be in space-delimited format, or tab-delimited format, depending on the preference you have set on the Preferences page. (Space-delimited is the default.) These formats are accepted by most applications. You can also use the Preferences page to choose between FTP and HTTP file transfer. (FTP is the default.)

Save view as...

The Save view as... button lets you save the current graph on the Keynote server for later viewing. All of the parameters you have specified to create the graph are saved so you can retrieve and recreate the graph. You can access your saved graph definitions from the Home dashboard. Note that only the definition of the graph is saved, not the actual HTML and graphics. As a result saved graphs are only useful for as long as the underlying data is still in the database (six weeks for measurement data; one week for content detail data).