Create a new agreement

To create a new agreement:

  1. Log in to KSC using a reseller password.

  2. On the Existing Agreements list, click the New button.

    The Agreement Info screen displays new fields that you use to set the number of slots (measurements) that can be added to this agreement, optional comments, sales manager, and an Agreement Label for this agreement.

  3. When you have finished entering information, click the Create button. You can click Clear to clear return the fields to their default values.

Your new agreement is now available and you can set up measurements for it.

Change agreement options

This procedure describes how to use KSC to change measurement options for yourself or your customers.

  1. Log in to KSC using a reseller password.
  2. The Existing Agreements page appears showing the list of available agreements. Select the one you want to modify and click the Edit button.
  3. The editable Agreement Info page appears. On this page you can change the maximum slots, sales manager, and agreement label, and add any comments for this agreement. When finished, click the Save button. If you want to abandon your changes and reset the agreement to its original settings, click the Reset button.