Administer contacts

Each measurement that you create must have a contact associated with it. A measurement´s contact is normally an employee of your customer who is involved with the measurement. For each contact, KSC includes a name, phone number, and email address.

Create a new contact

When you create the measurement, you can select an existing contact from the list of available contacts, or click New to create a new contact for the measurement.

Change the contact for a measurement

  1. Select the Agreement you want to work with and click the Enter button.
  2. Click Measurements. (Alternatively, click Measurements and then enter the agreement number.)
  3. On the Active Measurements page appears, click the Alias for the measurement you want to change the contacts for.
  4. The Measurement Detail page appears. In the upper left corner, the current contact information for this measurement is shown. Click the Edit button next to the contact.
  5. The Contact Info page appears. If you want to create a new contact for this measurement, click the New button. If you want to edit an existing contact, highlight the contact and click the Edit button to edit the information about the contacts.
  6. Whether you click New or Edit, the Contact Info page will display new fields that you can use to enter new contact information or edit existing information.
  7. When the contact information is the way you want it, click the Save button. If you want to abandon your changes, click the Reset button.