Dynatrace User Experience Management (UEM)

Understand and optimize the experience of every digital user with Dynatrace UEM

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Get full insights into every customer’s digital experience in real time

Within the Dynatrace platform, User Experience Management (UEM) provides deep customer monitoring across all channels.

Business analytics provide a complete view of your customer satisfaction and business outcomes. Get actionable insights to improve customer experience with segmentation and analytics. Analzye user behavior.

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“We finally have the flexibility to perform ad-hoc analysis on real user data. This makes it easy to gain new insights and make informed decisions.”


“Instead of waiting for a customer to call in and report a problem, we can now see where the problems and slow applications occur and fix them before they affect the customers.”

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Dynatrace User Experience Management capabilities

Dynatrace AppMon/UEM news

Community Contribution - Hystrix Monitoring Plugin

AppMon/UEM | 15 Sep 2017

Allows Dynatrace AppMon to monitor a Netflix Hystrix stream.

Next Dynatrace Online Performance Clinic

AppMon/UEM | 12 Sep 2017

On top of the powerful Dynatrace REST API we can leverage the Dynatrace CLI (Command Line Interface) to automate Dynatrace into your DevOps toolchain, e.g.: Jenkins, Test Automation, Deployment Automation, Reporting …

In this Hands-On tutorial we will show you how the Dynatrace CLI works (https://github.com/Dynatrace/dynatrace-cli) and what the most common DevOps Automation Integrations are.

At the end of the Performance Clinic, we will be open for general Q&A and happy to answer any Dynatrace-related questions you may have

Next Dynatrace Online Performance Clinic

AppMon/UEM | 05 Sep 2017

Dynatrace AppMon is receiving a major set of enhancements to make your day more effective, like using a web dashboard as your default home screen or calculating with measures - all bundled up in Dynatrace AppMon 7+. Join this Performance Clinic and get and overview from Peter Zahrer, Product Manager at Dynatrace, on how AppMon 7+ is further redefining application performance monitoring. Most of the enhancements came from you - our community.

If you want to try Dynatrace AppMon for yourself simply sign up for the Personal License - http://bit.ly/dtpersonal.

Dynatrace AppMon 7.0.6 is now available!

AppMon/UEM | 04 Sep 2017

Stay up-to-date and download the latest AppMon version today! For a description of the critical fixes and enhancements included in AppMon 7.0.6 see the Release Notes listed below.

Dynatrace AppMon 6.5.24 is now available!

AppMon/UEM | 31 Aug 2017

Stay up-to-date and download the latest AppMon version today! For a description of the critical fixes and enhancements included in AppMon 6.5.24 click on the link.

Next Dynatrace Online Performance Clinic

AppMon/UEM | 29 Aug 2017

While OneAgent does a really good job in capturing key metrics from all processes you can extend it to capture specific metrics that are proprietary for the software in your environment

In this Performance Clinic, Reinhard Pilz will show us how to write your own OneAgent plugin to extend the default monitoring capabilities beyond the metrics Dynatrace recognizes out of the box for well known technologies.

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