Dynatrace Application Monitoring


No gaps, no guessing, no boundaries - no problem.


See it. Find it. Fix it. Done.

Infrastructure, apps, users: see every problem, everywhere, every time.

Trace any transaction no matter where it goes:

See transactions flow through your app, cloud, 3rd parties, virtualized tiers, user devices, & more.

Go from end-user level to code-level in seconds

Pinpoint end-user issues and gain code-level visibility into the call-stack of any transaction.

Isolate and share exact problem context

Automatically package up the root-cause info for any incident. Just export & share.

Gap-free data eliminates blind-spots

Gap-free data eliminates blind spots.

Simplify, automate & manage the complex

Smart discovery & error detection with adaptive baselining & alerting.

Designed for continous delivery processes

Automate performance analysis through your automation interfaces for CI/CD systems.

Don't reproduce failures, just watch the replay

Don’t reproduce failures; just watch the replay.

Eliminate false alarms

With smart baselines and alerting, false alarms will never flood your mailbox again.

See it. Find it. Fix it. Done.

  • Monitor infrastructure and application in a unified view
  • Gain insights into any performance root-cause in seconds, from poorly executed code or redundant DB queries to memory leaks and resource bottlenecks
  • See system/process metrics automatically correlated with the performance of individual transactions
  • See exactly which transactions are impacted by an infrastructure issue and fix them before users are impacted

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Dynatrace application monitoring user interface

Trace any transaction, no matter where it goes

  • Trace every transaction from click to the resulting method invocation or SQL statement executed in the heart of your infrastructure
  • Immediate runtime visibility into your globally or locally distributed app's health and impact on user experience
  • Visualize the real-time logical topology of all your services, tiers, interdependencies and inter-tier timings.
  • Extend your visibility to otherwise blind spots in your delivery chain: Public Cloud, third party APIs, NGINX, VMware, Mainframe components, and more...

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Application monitoring user flow

Go from end-user level to code-level in seconds

  • Swiftly maneuver between a high elevation of coverage and granular-level details with ease.
  • Combine with User Experience Management to trace transactions from end-user to back-end
  • Drill-down into any problematic transaction to get code-level details

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Application monitoring method breakdown

Isolate and share exact problem context

  • Sessions are recorded to secure evidence & enable collaboration.
  • Production failures can be tracked by Ops and packaged in a variety of formats to be shared with Development for resolution without access to the Production installation.
  • With no code skills required, impress your application experts with the code-level detail they need immediately upon incident.
  • Seeing full transactional context and not just the log message shows which critical Business Transactions are impacted.
  • Test automation engineers can refine their testing and deployment strategies to prevent the same failure from happening again.

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Application monitoring method breakdown - length()

Gap-Free data eliminates blind spots

  • Let 100% of your captured & analyzed data drive decision making. Don't waste time deciding how or what to capture.
  • Seeing every event leading up to a failure provides the context required to proactively prevent the issue from occurring in the future.
  • Find the root-cause of performance issues faster and improve the experience of all your users, not just the frustrated ones.
  • Compare good and poor performing transactions side-by-side.

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Application performance data view

Simplify, Automate, & Manage the Complex.

  • Your apps can start dynatracing in minutes
  • All applications and transaction flows through your distributed environment are auto-discovered.
  • Our updates are automatically pushed out to all of your servers. No need to manually copy files to each and every one.
  • Errors are auto-detected in production so you have the time to contact users before they contact you.
  • Self-learning baselines with alerts, out-of-the-box dashboards and auto-correlated system monitoring
  • The dynatrace client is the window into your data. Anybody in your organization can download it for free!

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Application performance monitoring interface

Designed for Continuous Delivery processes

  • Share detailed performance data across dev, test, & ops.
  • Provide reliable metrics along your delivery pipeline through automation interfaces for CI/CD systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity.
  • Deliver more stable applications to production faster - Automatic analysis of regressions and comparison of response times, structural differences, code executions, errors, exceptions and database performance

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Don’t reproduce failures, just watch the replay

  • You never have to manually aggregate data and link events to draw conclusions about production failures.
  • Compact session recordings eliminate the need to replicate problem scenarios. Every transaction is recorded along with system health metrics, and can be played back when a performance problem is detected.
  • The Session file provides a comprehensive package that provides deep root-cause information for replay, going far beyond typical snapshots. And this Session recording can be easily packaged and shared between stakeholders.

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Application performance monitoring data export

Eliminate false Alerts

  • Eliminates “false positives” and erroneous alerts by setting notifications on absolute and relative deviation from percentiles not averages.
  • Smart baselining automatically understands the statistical characteristics of response times, failure rates and throughput and employs advanced statistical models to analyze application behavior.
  • Substantially reduces the cost of deploying and managing your application in a complex enterprise environment.

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Application monitoring response time interface

“With PurePath Technology® we can trace transactions and quickly identify where performance issues are occurring.”

"Dynatrace is like an MRI - a full-body, high-res scan for mission-critical applications."


The Magic Behind our Solution:

Ultra-light and production-safe, Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® captures timing and code-level context for all transactions, end-to-end. From user click, across all tiers, to the database of record and back, we provide exact, deep atomic level detail. PurePath Technology® enables more accurate reporting, granular business transaction grouping, precise SLA management and the fastest path to root cause on the market

PureStack® Technology is the first and only solution that exposes how IT infrastructure impacts the performance of critical business applications. Combined with Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology®, PureStack® Technology directly correlates guest and host infrastructure health to individual application transactions and affected end users in real-time. Application operators can now quickly gauge the impact of infrastructure problems in the context of user experience and business performance.


Built for Devops

Be prepared for the unexpected & adaptable for the future

  • Seamless integration with any build environment makes performance-driven development a continuous, proactive process. Build better apps the first time around.
  • Sifting through log after log to find performance problems? We provide you with fully correlated, code-level detail that locates root-cause in seconds.
  • We're the only solution to provide reliable metrics along your delivery pipeline through automation interfaces for CI/CD systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity.
  • A single dashboard serves developers by displaying the current build status not only from a functional perspective, but the performance as well.
  • When problems are detected in production, operations can share detailed information to App support and development teams for deep root-cause analysis and quick resolution.
  • Smart baselining learns what normal looks like for your apps and auto-detects abnormal behavior.
  • Application, guest OS, as well as virtual and host server details are automatically provided to make triage faster and more accurate; all transactions that breach SLAs or violate rules are captured.
  • Services, tiers, interdependencies and inter-tier timings are automatically generated in real-time for distributed environments. See how a particular transaction type is performing at any given time.
  • Validate your app’s architecture to make sure it scales in production and performs as expected. No matter how complex or distributed your architecture, you can trace the path of any request from app-to-backend.
  • Constantly deploying new builds into production? Detect regressions automatically with a build-to-build comparison that highlights the difference between the prod and dev builds at the code-level, so you can get a new version deployed asap.
  • Not a Java Expert? No worries. Dynatrace packages up the root-cause of performance issues so you can just export & share. Developers can analyze the relevant data using a familiar format offline without having to reproduce the issue.