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Web applications process many commercial and government transactions today. The performance of these Web applications is critical to the organizations that deploy them and their users. To ensure that their performance meets service level requirements, you can use load testing tools for Web applications to test their performance before deployment to production. During load testing, you use performance monitoring tools to conduct monitoring such as PHP application monitoring for PHP applications and Java application monitoring for Java applications in order to capture the performance behavior of the application and other components in the application delivery chain. Such testing can reveal performance bottlenecks such as a slow response time for a particular database query.

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Industry-Leading monitoring and load testing tools for web applications from Dynatrace

A large selection of monitoring and load testing tools are available in the market. Many monitoring tools do rudimentary monitoring of individual components without covering the rest of the application delivery chain while others cannot provide visibility into newer technologies. For example, they cannot perform Docker container monitoring. Likewise, many load testing tools can only generate loads within the same machine as the application being tested or within the same local area network as the running application. Other load testing tools for Web applications can generate test loads over the Internet but cannot send test loads through CDNs, mobile networks, or cloud services.

Dynatrace’s monitoring and load testing tools for Web applications have no such limitations. You can use Dynatrace Application Monitoring to obtain comprehensive end-to-end visibility for each distributed application transaction by capturing performance data from user interactions, to application code execution, through to back-end database queries. You can also use it to carry out monitoring of newer technologies such as Docker monitoring and Node.js monitoring.

For enterprise applications, you can use Dynatrace Data Center RUM to monitor all application and infrastructure tiers, and components that participate in an application transaction. For example, you can use it to carry out MySQL performance monitoring. Dynatrace Data Center RUM also monitors network activity and network elements that support an application transaction. The captured network performance metrics can be correlated with application performance metrics to determine the impact of network performance on application performance and user experience.

Among load testing tools for Web applications, Dynatrace Load stands out for its advanced capabilities and ease of use. Dynatrace Load leverages the BlazeMeter cloud to generate up to one million concurrent users on-demand from across nine worldwide geographies. You can use Dynatrace to test through CDNs, mobile services and APIs, and cloud services, and you can also use it to load test applications that stream content. For example, it can be used to test the Node.js performance of a Node.js application that streams music. Dynatrace Load can run test scripts written in many languages including Python and Ruby. Additionally, it supports scripts generated by open source tools like JMeter and Selenium.

Be more competitive with Dynatrace load testing tools for web applications

When you use Dynatrace, you are using the most advanced monitoring and load testing tools available. They are highly flexible and incorporate patented technology. By using Dynatrace monitoring and load testing tools for Web applications, you conduct root-cause analysis of performance issues more quickly than your competitors and to minimize MTTR and maximize application-driven revenues.

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