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CIOs face rising cloud complexity and an explosion of data

We asked 1,303 CIOs about the challenges they face. The takeaway is clear: as cloud complexity and data silos rise, CIOs are struggling to keep up with the speed and scale of tech environments.

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  • Multicloud, Kubernetes, and serverless architectures are crucial for keeping pace with modern transformation.
  • The explosion of data and complexity they create is too much for teams and traditional analytics solutions to manage. Teams need automation.
  • To keep up, organizations need a faster, more scalable approach to observability and security.

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[Organizations] urgently need a new, revolutionary take on observability and security analytics, underpinned by a more automated approach.
Bernd Greifeneder SVP, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Dynatrace
Key Findings

It's harder than ever for teams to quickly and cost-effectively extract answers from data at scale

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71% say the explosion of data is beyond human ability to manage

77% say their IT environment changes at least once a minute

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64% say it's harder to attract and retain IT ops and DevOps talent

93% say AIOps and automation are key to doing more with less

All types of data linked together.