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Web and mobile applications today perform many critical business transactions. With an ever increasing user base, applications must be able to scale to meet the increased demand in transaction processing. While application performance monitor tools such as a Java monitoring tool perform a vital role in capturing and analyzing performance data for resolution of any performance issues, load testing of applications is equally or even more important. A load testing tool exposes an application to real-world workloads before and after an application is deployed. This allows applications and their dependencies to be stressed under realistic conditions to reveal any performance or scalability problems.

Using a load testing tool as part of an application management service for performance monitoring is essential for applications to succeed in the real world. As a leader in the APM market, Dynatrace offers an extensive suite of application performance management software for monitoring, optimizing and load testing of applications.

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Highly flexible load testing tool from Dynatrace

Dynatrace offers a highly flexible load testing tool set for load testing modern web and mobile applications. The Dynatrace load testing solution is made up of three components:

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Benefits of using a load testing tool from Dynatrace

Dynatrace offers many benefits for load testing applications, including:

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