Migrating to the cloud

What is migrating to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud refers to the process of moving data, services, applications, and/or IT resources from an organization's on-premises servers to cloud computing environments. Competitive firms and startups alike are choosing to move or outsource business functions to the cloud to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs, improve data accessibility and business agility, and deliver new services and features faster to customers.

Moving existing applications to the cloud, however, presents unique challenges for firms in terms of planning the actual migration as well as managing service performance after migrating to the cloud. In order to ensure a successful and smooth transition, firms should thoughtfully manage the migration process and proactively monitor application performance and resource usage in the cloud using an appropriate monitoring solution. With a cloud-agnostic APM solution like Dynatrace, you can eliminate the need for single-purpose tools for AWS troubleshooting or OpenStack troubleshooting, for example, and instead carry out all of your cloud performance tuning and diagnostics with one integrated toolset.

Dynatrace detects billions of causal dependencies between websites, applications, services, processes, hosts, networks, and cloud.

Migrating to the cloud with confidence

Before migrating to the cloud, firms should create a roadmap for the transition by first identifying which workloads or applications will be most appropriate for the cloud. Not all applications are suitable for running in the cloud or portable. Before deciding what to migrate, organizations can use an APM solution like Dynatrace to better understand the architecture of their applications—to identify dependencies and other technical constraints that must be considered when migrating to the cloud. Some applications will need to be rebuilt or may require special hardware, making them more costly candidates for cloud migration.

Multi-data center visibility ensures you can track your application architecture as it changes through cloud migration.

Migrating to the cloud successfully with Dynatrace

Once you've decided on your likely candidates for migrating to the cloud, Dynatrace technology can help you ascertain each application's resource requirements and determine your cloud capacity needs by letting you examine current usage patterns, establish performance baselines, and decide on specific performance and functionality objectives.

During and after migrating to the cloud, Dynatrace can provide you with the real-time performance metrics and visibility you need to:

  • Accurately assess the impact of migrating to the cloud on application performance and user experience
  • Detect performance anomalies and verify whether service-level agreements are being met
  • Evaluate component-level resource consumption and implement fact-based capacity planning

With Dynatrace, you can proactively detect and diagnose performance issues across the widest range of technologies—in the cloud or in your data center. So whether it's Citrix troubleshooting or troubleshooting on AWS or Azure, we can help you find and fix problems faster.

Our full-stack monitoring solution features automated application topology discovery and mapping, intelligent baselining and anomaly detection, AI-powered root cause analysis, and a built-in event log analyzer. Dynatrace also integrates seamlessly with the best DevOps tools including continuous deployment tools like AWS CodeDeploy, Bamboo, and Jenkins, allowing you to develop and deliver higher quality applications—and new features that work—to users faster.

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Dynatrace auto-adapts baselines dynamically as infrastructure changes.

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