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Running your customer-facing or workforce applications in the cloud brings benefits but also new challenges. The challenges center around cloud application management. In particular there is the challenge of achieving full visibility into the day-to-day operation and performance of your cloud applications, and maintaining the ability to troubleshoot, rectify, and optimize cloud performance. Many businesses large and small, across a variety of industries, are finding Dynatrace to be the ideal solution to meet cloud application management challenges and maximize returns on cloud expenditure.

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Full lifecycle cloud application management from Dynatrace

For applications built and operated in IaaS or PaaS clouds, Dynatrace delivers comprehensive cloud application management capabilities across the full application lifecycle:

For an on-premise application that you want to migrate to the cloud, Dynatrace cloud migration tools allow you to analyze the on-premise application’s performance and resource utilization patterns, intelligently determine your capacity needs in the cloud, and then – after the migration – make direct and granular comparisons between the application’s cloud-based performance and its prior on-premise performance, to make sure the cloud migration is meeting your needs and expectations.

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Benefits of Dynatrace cloud application management

By using Dynatrace for cloud application management your application team can:

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