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Microservices, containerization, and other related technologies are enabling companies to develop, deliver, and scale new applications and services faster and easier than ever before. With this trend toward elastic architectures and the building of applications with distributed modular components comes the need for application mapping technologies. Application dependency mapping tools provide developers and operations teams with visibility into every moving part involved in the delivery of an application or digital service.

In order to achieve greater agility, operational efficiency, and competitiveness using connected technologies, forward-thinking firms are leveraging digital transformation solutions. These solutions offer firms full-stack monitoring and application mapping tools, giving them holistic visibility into their service delivery environment and the insight they need to optimize application performance and the user experience.

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Obtaining real-time insight into distributed application delivery environments with application mapping tools

A key component of modern APM solutions, application mapping utilities detect all of the resources involved in the delivery of an application and visually display the connections and dependencies between various application components and services—in real time. Application mapping tools show you how individual components and the underlying infrastructure—including your back-end databases and third-party services—contribute to or negatively impact the performance of your application.

By providing you with a real-time visualization of the service delivery environment and component dependencies, application mapping tools help you:

Discovering and mapping application topology and component dependencies in real time is a crucial capability of cloud application monitoring tools, or tools used to monitor and manage the performance of applications delivered over the web. SaaS monitoring tools leverage application mapping technology to eliminate blind spots in the application delivery chain, enabling firms to monitor transaction service levels, ensure application performance, and optimize resource utilization.

application mapping

A smart, easy-to-use APM solution integrating full-stack monitoring and automated application mapping

Combining full-stack monitoring and automated application mapping tools with AI-powered big data analytics, Dynatrace’s digital performance management solutions empower firms with the capabilities and insight they need to support successful digital transformation.

Dynatrace gives you 24/7 end-to-end visibility into application environments—no matter how complex or dynamic—enabling proactive performance management. Available as a managed solution or SaaS deployment, Dynatrace is easy to use, scalable, and intelligent. Simply install OneAgent, and in minutes, Dynatrace automatically detects all application dependencies and transaction flows within your application stack, providing you with a real-time, interactive visualization of your application architecture and detailed DevOps metrics via pre-configured dashboards.

Dynatrace supports the broadest range of technologies in the industry and is cloud-ready, discovering cloud native environments out-of-the-box. Our solution integrates seamlessly with a wide range of cloud and container environments and is suitable for AWS monitoring, Azure endpoint monitoring, Docker monitoring, and more.

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