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Application mapping tools are programs that can automatically discover and map a software application’s components and dependencies. These tools help developers, testers, and operations personnel to understand, evaluate, and manage an application and its infrastructure requirements. The need for automated application mapping tools has grown as modern web application architectures have become more complex and subject to constant change. The adoption of Agile development strategies has also driven the need for application mapping tools, as the old approach of specifying application design in excruciating detail prior to coding has given way to rapidly iterative development processes during which application design and architecture are documented "on the fly".

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Application mapping tools from Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a leading maker of application monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and DevOps automation tools. The Dynatrace digital performance management platform – available as a SaaS solution or as an on-premise system – is a unified toolset covering all your application evaluation and management needs, including state-of-art application mapping tools.

Dynatrace application mapping tools are:

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Dynatrace for application mapping tools and beyond

With the Dynatrace digital performance management platform, application mapping tools are just the beginning for helping your team build and run better applications faster. Dynatrace auto-discovers not only your application topology, but its baseline or normal performance in the execution of business-critical transactions. Dynatrace transaction monitoring tools then alert you to any anomalies or degradations in performance, and Dynatrace artificial intelligence capabilities automatically perform deep root cause analysis – packaging the RCA results so they can be easily shared among Ops, Test, and Dev personnel.

Dynatrace not only monitors on-premise components with our application and infrastructure monitoring tools, but also extends easily into cloud infrastructure and services to ensure that your cloud-based or hybrid applications achieve cloud performance in line with the SLAs that you’ve been promised by your cloud vendors. Dynatrace cloud application management tools support all major cloud technologies including AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, and more.

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