The most popular cloud technologies

Understanding the cloud native landscape

The second decade of cloud computing is just around the corner, and customer-obsessed enterprises are increasingly migrating there to take advantage of its speed and agility. According to Forrester, enterprises already in multi-cloud environments today will be even more cloud-centric in 2017.

But what does the cloud native landscape actually look like? And which technologies are most enterprises using in cloud native applications?

This graphic maps out the most important layers of a cloud native stack, as well as the different tools and technologies to build, run and manage cloud native applications. We also illustrate three typical cloud environments that we see our customers running on OpenShift, Azure and Cloud Foundry.

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The graphic is just a quick overview of the most common cloud native technologies. For a more complete list visit the Cloud Native Landscape Project developed by CNCF and Redpoint.

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The most popular cloud technologies 2017

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